Service Unavailable for Sailwave website

Getting an error saying the below when accessing the main Sailwave website and the results section.
This was working ok earlier as I was on the results section after checking that the initial upload worked for our spring series results.
Just published the results after racing, and now getting this error.
Strangely the upload to sailwave results folder has ‘worked’ without an error,

Service Unavailable

HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable.

Hi Steve
Thanks. I did shut it down as it has been under constant attack all afternoon to see if I could determine what the attackers were trying to achieve - I can see that they were requesting password resets but that was only some of the entries. The interesting thing it was world wide that they were coming from mostly from mobiles but also some PC’s. I put it back up again and the attacks immediately started again, so I shut it down again.

Sailwave website was put back online yesterday evening and is being closely monitored for any repeat of the attack. If a repeat is seen the Sailwave website will possibly be taken offline again.

We are saddened that there are people on the Internet that do attacks like the one against the Sailwave website.

Thank you for your understanding as we protect the information on the Sailwave website.

Huw & Jon