Setting DNC discard rules

How can I set discard rules so that once the required races are sailed (0,0,1,1,1,1,1,1,2,2), race 3 in this example, the lowest score (DNC set at boats in series +1) is deleted to include low scores before the 3rd race. At the moment it will only discard a DNC for races sailed for race 3 and onwards. At the moment a DNC in race 1 is not discarded, even if all the other races are sailed.


If you share your sailwave file, I can have a look at it.


Hi Mike,

If you have a discard profile of 0,0,1

Then it will discard the worst race of any of the races 1,2, or 3

If it is not discarding from races 1 and 2 there must be some other reason why it is not discarding the races 1 and 2.

If you would like to share your Sailwave file with me I’ll have a look for you


Thanks Peter, Jon is taking a lok at it, but I’ll make sure the soltion is posted.

Hi Mike, Peter, Jon - forgive the banal, but R1, R2, haven’t somehow been marked as This race is not discardable?
R1>(right click)>Edit race>(select start)>Edit. Check This race is not discardable (or rather uncheck!). Has to be done for each start.
Like many others, I daresay, I carry forward a file for a new series as “Save as…”. Unfortunately it’s then very easy for notes, etc, and odd formatting like this to be inadvertently carried forward.

Hi Richard

Did you mean to say R1,R2 haven’t been marked as This race is not discardable?
Or should it have said they had been marked as not discardable

If you do copy a file rather than creating a new file - normally you would delete all races and new races would then be the default

When you create a new race the starts are copied from the previous race so just make sure your first race is correct and all the others will follow



Hi John, I got into a bit of a tangle of multiple negatives - and then a question. I wanted to suggest that if Mike’s race one, race two, had inadvertently become checked This race is not discardable, that might account for his problem.
With Save as…, after clearing results, changing dates, times of high tide, etc, I still need to remember to clear course, wind, race officer details and any notes. Notes are especially problematic has they are on a tab that isn’t immediately apparent. I use notes for safety boat manning, change of crew in one race of a series, etc, trying to make Sailwave a more thorough record of what happened. This isn’t a problem, I just have to remember to be thorough, and it’s still a lot easier than starting a new series from scratch! I also bring forward a load of hidden entries from the previous series as a kind of entrant library, but I expect everyone does that.
Thanks for Sailwave, I’m still in the foothills, I don’t know what I would do without it.

So you’re saying that in, say, a five-race series, I should delete the new races two to five, and then copy the new race one, to get rid of all the associated gubbins from the previous series. I’ll try it, thanks.

Hi All,
Problem solved. Race 1 had indeed been ‘ticked’ as not discardable, now unticked all scores are working properly. I had copied the series from a parallel series and new to Sailwave had checked all the global settings without appreciating an individual race could also be modified. Thanks for all the help and advice. Awesome programme. Mike

When you create a new race it automatically copies the starts etc from the last race
so if you create a race when the series is blank then all the starts etc will be blank

If you set your starts etc in race 1 while this is the only race so when you create race 2 the starts will be copied over

If you always bear in mind that new races will be created as the last race it is easy to understand

So lets say you have starts setup in Race 1 and create a new race the starts from R1 will appear in R2
Now edit R2 and delete the starts and create R3. Then R3 will not have starts as it is a copy of R2

Hope that helps


:heavy_check_mark::heavy_check_mark: had to be a simple answer, Richard

:heavy_check_mark::heavy_check_mark: apologies for getting your name wrong, Jon. Richard