Single race with overall result and class results

Hi, I am new to Sailowave and I have been tasked with scoring a Regatta consisting of single start races with an overall results table and multiple class tables consisting of Kestrels, Lasers, and Wayfarers. Is this possible or do I have to run 2 separate sets of results?

Welcome to Sailwave.

The short answer is yes. But how it is done depends on the answer to a question. Are the results for the Kestrels, Lasers and Wayfarers to be recalculated or are their results to be extracted from the overall results?

The reason I ask is t hat the ranking in the individual classes could be different from the rank competitors in the classes are in in the overall results. I know to this can happen as I had to explain the difference to Ptimist parents!

What do the NoR and/or SI’s say about scoring?

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