Start Time Procedure

Hi Folks,

We been using sailwave at rothesayyacht club
( for over year and
it's a amazing, it's really had made our life easier.

I just wanted to send a note on a procudure error we ran into, I
don't think it is a bug. We run two starts one for PHRF > 200 and one
for PHRF <= 200. We set this up by editing the race profile and
sailwave fills out the start times in the sail wizard, we just enter
the finish times. Last race I made a error setting up a new series and
had the starts reversed. We did not notice and entered all the
finish times. When we notice the error I thought I might get off easy
and edit the race start times (under edit race) and correct the error,
re-score and publish. Once results are entered it will not change the
start time via the edit race master settings. I had to manually change
the start time of each competitor. If you don't make mistakes you
never learn.

The only improvement I can think of for Sailwave is a screen to
publish PHRF rating for competitors (I do a manual html page on our
site) and show the base plus mods for Jib, prop, golf handicap etc. As
sailing director I allways have skipper sasking me how the race
commitee came up with their unfair rating. I am
sure it the same in every club.

Keep up the Awesome work!


Wayne Hatfield