Starting Sequence Countdown Timers and Finish Applications

Every so often a question is asked if we know of any applications to run starting sequence and/or record finish sequence electronically. The following is an alphabetical list some of the applications I have come across in my travels through the Internet. There are others but I have not included them, because either the last update was over 5 years ago or the link I have no longer works.

I look forward to hearing of others that I am not aware of.

You will need to determine for yourself whether any of these App’s meets your requirements. In addition, be mindful of the following potential problems that can occur when using electronic devices on a committee boat.

a) An electronic device would probably need protecting from the wet or rain when used on a committee vessel.

b) A phone or tablet with direct sunlight can be difficult to read, even more so if it were contained in a cover to make it waterproof.

c) When boats are finishing rapidly or in a large group, selection of the right boat at the correct time (to give the appropriate time stamp) may be difficult if not impossible.

d) There is an increased chance of losing data.

Starting Sequence Countdown Timers

Autohoot -

An electronic device for controlling race signals that can produce race data that will import into Sailwave.

Boat Signals -

Automatic sound signals for dinghy races from a phone, tablet or laptop. Use standard countdowns or design new ones to suit training or pursuit racing at your club. Boat Signals is now Rooster Signals thanks to the support of Rooster Sailing!

Boat Timer - - Windows or Apple devices or Android devices

Track and time boats in a race with multiple starts and easily record finishes in real time. Class and handicap results produced immediately. Designed for tablets and laptops. There is link to the app, an introductory video and more information on the Boat Timer page.

Dinghy Sailing Race Control (DSRC) - - Android

A free android app, controlling race signals, (option of an external horn) race data that will import into Sailwave.

SailBot App - - Apple iPhone & iPad

SailBot products are controlled by the SailBot App available for free from the App Store. Operation is extremely simple and convenient, and software is always up to date! New features are automatically added in app updates.

SailRace - - Microsoft Windows PC

Sailrace systems have developed a software application running under Microsoft Access which when connected to their interface, runs all horns and collects data from a finish horn too. It can produce race data that will import into Sailwave.

Sailing Race Starts - - Android

Sailing Race Starts is the ultimate yacht racing starting system. It provides the sound signals to start races and voice countdowns for use on the racing yacht. The Free version contains a limited set of features and options; the Pro version has them all.

Sailing Regatta Countdown for Race Committee - - Android

Countdown Starting Race: Class Flag - Preparatory flag (Papa-India-Zulu_Uniform-Black) - Countdown flight Match Racing - Team Racing

NEW 2020: A voice calls the countdown times in Italian and English. Write the time of the start signal. Racing end the screenshot will show: The starting time, the racing time, the finishing time.

Waldringfield Countdown Timer - - custom web app which may be available on request to others

The Waldringfield Countdown Timer is a simple web-based application that enables a Race Officer and team to keep track of the start sequence without needing to use the start time planner sheets.

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