Strange behavior

Hi there.
Used SW to process the results of a all-class regatta, with 94 entries distributed among 30 classes, one of them being rating determined results.
I made some consecutive adjustments due to score revisions. One of the rescores made, SW attributed the same rating to all 15 boats registered. Very stange.
I am wondering if SW is stable in processing results in events like this one (many classes with one class being one with rating).

Have you received occurrences like this one before?

Looking forward to your reply. Thanks.

Hi Renato,

I can have a look at it if you attach or email me the Sailwave file.

pvanmuyden at

Hi Renato,

I have not had a problem, so far, scoring fleets where one or more fleets are scored using a rating system and others using place finish. If the default rating system is set to ‘None’ on the Rating tab of System Scoring then you need to set a scoring override for each fleet using a rating system by creating them on the Fleets tab of scoring system. And vice versa if a default rating system other than 'None is selected.

Which version of Sailwave are you using, please?

If you care to share your Sailwave, I will take a look and see what I can determine. If you have copies before and after you made the changes that would be great. If you can give a longer explanation of the scoring revisions you made, that would be helpful as well.

I look forward to helping you.

Kind regards,

Hi Renato,

To answer your question Sailwave is very stable at scoring such events, so it will more than likely be something you have accidentally changed or not configured correctly. I see both Peter and Huw have already offered to assist you so they are both very capable so I’m sure they will help you out