Sub-fleet using the same score as overall

Hi all,
Three days into a four-day J70 event I was told that my scoring of their Corinthian sub-fleet was incorrect. I was aliasing the Corinthian fleet, then scoring as fleets. That caused the Corinthan fleet to score separately. For example, if the first Corinthan finisher was 10th overall, his score in the separate fleet was 1 point instead of 10. I didn’t believe it when the class president told me it was wrong, but after researching class rules, I found he was correct:

Regatta organizers will present awards for a Corinthian division. To be considered as a
Corinthian team, Class Rule C.3 is modified so the entire crew, including the
owner/driver, shall provide proof of a valid World Sailing Group 1 classification at the
time of registration. The Corinthian division shall be scored as a sub-division of the
whole fleet using the competitor’s actual scores.

So, I was forced to publish twice every time I got race results, one overall, and one scoring overall, then separating the divisions and publishing only the Corinthian fleet. Lots of opportunity for mistakes! I tried keeping the aliases and just separating by fleet, but that counted the aliased competitors twice. I sure heard about that one!

I did find an example of this sort of scoring being done on Yacht Scoring. I don’t actually know how they did it.

So, I guess I’m making a feature request, Jon! I guess this would be done using aliases, but I want to be able to use the scores from the overall group. Jeez, it’s hard to explain this, I can’t imagine how hard it would be to code (or write help files for!).

Thanks guys, and particular thanks to Huw for taking the extra time to help me get the ISAF stuff sorted out. This is a great community of folks.


The only way I’ve done is by scoring and publish the results twice:

  1. Select all competitors as one group and publish all of them
  2. Select all competitors as one group and Sort results by field after scoring Enter your scoring field (Corinthian sub-fleet in your case) Publish just your Corinthian division


Yeah, that’s the process I described. As I said, it works, but you end up with separate score sheets, and you have a process that is prone to errors.

Hi Andy - Normally when they score it this way most sailors are used to them being just published in line. You can make it easier for them by adding a column with say an X in that they can easily see and count down. If you want you can publish as Peter suggests. But I normally only do this after the final race, and the SWPize program will happily pick them out and list them in the prize lists.

If you really wanted to print a position for them you could do something like the X in a column suggested above and then use an effect (Javascript) to replace the X with their position


Great advice. Thanks Jon.

Hi Andy & Jon,

Just had a thought of another way, but not as automatic as an effect would be.

Use the “Seed competitor” tool to set a rank for Corinthian tagged competitors; in a separate column of course, perhaps labelled “Corinthian rank” :wink:

I have used this to create a regatta rank column when final series have gold, silver, bronze etc fleets.

Kind regards,

Interesting! I’ll definitely have to give it a try.

I was thinking about seeing if I could do something in PHP. Could use html.resultswiz() to load an array, then select the competitors I want to show.

Maybe I’m overthinking this… :wink: