The method of supplying suggestions has changed. The WIKI never
really took off - it's too confusing so I've now got a load of on-
line forums set up as 'SailwaveNet' - for want of a better word -
that includes a suggestions forum. SailwaveNet is not publically
abailable yet but if you would like to try it out please feel free -
it's up and running. Keep in mind it's a work in progress through.
The main page of the Sailwave site will change soon to have just 3
big images to 3 main sections - sponsors/sug/sailwavenet -
sailwavenet will become the hub of the site - allowing me to do
everything interactively - i.e. regardless of where i am... if would
like to make comments about sailwavenet you can post there or send a
message to the sug. Users will be urged to use the SUG for support
but can also use SailwaveNet.

Sailwavenet is here...

If you have a suggestion currently on the WIKI here...

Can you post is on the new forum please. The WIKI will be killed off
in a couple of weeks.

Colin Jenkins