SW and ORC ratings

I see the last ORC topic came from me a couple of years ago. I wonder what we could do to make it easier to stuff Windrats into the system? I made a couple of stupid errors on the weekend, which were kindly pointed out to me by competitors. Not hard to make an error banging along in the signal boat at 20 kn.

I wonder who else is using ORC with SW? The ORC folks would like us to use their own in-house routine, but I’m stuck in my ways and don’t want to fool with another scoring system. I can certainly write a little Perl routine to stuff ratings into SW for my own use, but if someone else has already looked after this, with a decent interface so lay people can operate it, that would be nice.

All suggestions cheerfully received. Thanks!

Hi John,

For clarification can you please say what ORC ratings you are meaning?
Is it triple values for different wind ranges and course configs or something else.

It is possible to import the ratings for a competitor as part of the import of competitors. I think you would need to change the field separator from a comma (,) to something else like pipe (|) as the wind ratings are separated by a comma (,).

I will try and remember what I did when I was helping someone with wind indexed ratings.

The other issue is setting up the names for the wind ranges and courses so they can be selected from the drop down list in the ‘Edit Race’ window.

I am not aware any “decent interface so lay people can operate it”. Would be interested in what sort of thing you have in mind.

I am not sure I would want “lay people” doing ORC wind indexed ratings but that is me.

In case you had not seen it there was a thread recently - ORC ratings file template - #23 by MSchneider - ORC Ratings file.

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