SWHELPER.INI and updating SW program to most recent version mid series

Have downloaded the most recent version of SW and I think that it was a mistake to do this MID season (mid Series) as our published NHC handicaps/results or races early in the series do not now agree with those on a RESCORE after the last race. Think that the SWHELPER file is missing or altered.
Will I correct the problem if I just insert SWHELPER file in the program 86 files and then rescore.
Are there any other issues with the new SW cf old that I should be aware if.
We have a scoring team for security /accuracy purpose some were on old and some on New SW and found a need to change FLEETS (for yardstick) scoring between operators for the different versions.

Hi Mike,
Welcome back.

Sorry to hear you have a problem. I am not aware of any issues with the latest version of Sailwave v2-33-0.
So I can try and help you, please can you let me know which versions of Sailwave are being used and which one was the last one giving you the results you were expecting.?

Also if you can send me the Sailwave file you are using.
Are you using Internal or External NHC?

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Hi Mike,

There should be no changes to the results if you are using NHC with the new version of SWHelper

The only changes with the new version is it supports ECHO progressive handicap natively without the need to use Excel

If you would like to send some samples of any issue you have to myself jon@sailwave.com then I’ll have a look for you
but you can always check the results by using the excel template that is included by selecting the external mode instead of the internal mode


Thanks Huw and Jon

  • I do not believe that there is anything wrong with the latest version of SW
  • We were using the previous version of SW using a modified SWHelper.INI for NHC as not all of a computers have Excel
  • I downloaded the current version and found that after a “score series” results including new rating were different for races already sailed in the series
  • Further investigations yielded:
  • The modified SWHelper.INI was missing from the 86 program files folder.(Did the upgrade clear and replace files?)
  • we found that we had a fleet called AS (new version) and in the previous version was called VY (easily fixed but caused us some anxious moments as we were under time pressure )
  • So what we think we have learnt from this never to change versions in the middle of a series which probably means within a summer season for us.

The questions really are:

  1. If we include a new SWHELPER. INI into the 86 folder, will it work with the new SW version?
  2. Can we uninstall the new version and go back to the previous version for the rest of the season?

On a different matter there appears to be a rounding error (on the third decimal place ) occurring occasionally when Carrying forward the new rating to the next race

Thanks again for the prompt response and great advice in dealing with my questions


Hi Mike

Installing the new version of Sailwave does not install or modify any SWHelper.ini so it should not change the results.
If you do have a modified SWHelper.ini please make sure you reinstall it after the upgrade if necessary and you wll then have identical results

The new version of Sailwave includes a new SWHelper.exe but this does not change any calculations for NHC it does however support the internal calculation of ECHO so this a great improvement if you are using ECHO

The Sailwave install won’t modify any of your existing .blw files

If you are using an optional swhelper.ini just make sure this is in place after the upgrade and you will have identical results