Symbol showing in PY column

An annoyance rather than a problem. When publishing results, the PY for the RS Aero 9 (1014) has a small square symbol after it. The results calculate correctly, and no other PY shows this.

I’ve checked the .csv (which I downloaded from Sailwave) and there’s no extra space or similar in that cell.

You can see an example in

I’m not being allowed to upload the .blw.

Thanks for your advice,
Simon Langford
Emsworth SC

Hi Simon - My guess is there is a character (maybe even a space) after the rating value for those boats. Delete the rating and re-enter it and let me know

Hi Simon,
I have looked at the link you posted and I can hardly see the symbol in Firefox but it is clear when I look using Chrome & Edge browser. Unfortunately as the results are embedded in the club website I cannot look at the underlying source code of the results page.

Question - is there any extra work being done by either the website or as part of the upload of the results? I know other clubs do such things.

Question - do those results show the same symbol when the results file is published to the default browser?

If you care to send me your file I will have a look.

I have looked at my copy of the ratings file and like you cannot see any odd characters. I will look using an octal dump utility to see if there is a normally invisible character.

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Hi Simon,

I have looked at the rating file using an octal dump utility and I can see no extra characters.

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Hi Hugh,

Thank you for your advice and investigations.

Website publishing - nothing extra - simply preview in a browser, view source, copy and paste into an iframe on SCM, which runs our website.

If I print to pdf (for records) and then jpg for Facebook, symbol showing still, but then it would as it’s all from the same browser.

Forum is not letting me upload a file, I’m afraid.

Hi Jon,

Thanks for your advice - I had assumed that if I was importing via the .csv that there wasn’t an individual rating. How do I do this - for every boat that’s an Aero 9?

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Hi Simon,
Use email to send file.
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The “odd” character is a “high octet preset” character. To troubleshoot
you’ll need to provide both the CSV and BLW files that you are using.
(When downloading the CSV from the Sailwave website your computer can
corrupt or modify the file so one needs to check the actual file on your
computer; the one on the Sailwave website seems to be OK.)

In the past, I’ve seen these kinds of weird characters in emails sent
from a Macintosh computer. Windows, Mac and Linux had different
end-of-line characters (since Mac now uses a version of Unix - Linux is
also a version of Unix - there might only be two such versions today).

I’d suspect that some part of the “save” process (either saving the CSV
or saving the BLW) is mucking up the end-of-line for the rating.

I’d upload your two files to and then provide the links here
(I’m assuming the files only contain sailing information and not bank
account numbers!).

To implement Jon’s suggestion - click on competitor and edit the rating
field by selecting and deleting everything (I’d probably save at that
point) and then typing in the rating manually.


PS - For anyone trying to follow this thread, go to the webpage for the
embedded results ( and then
view source (in Firefox right-click and pick “View Page Source”). The
offending character is obvious although not displayed in Firefox.

Hi Simon & Art,

Simon I have looked at the file you sent me and the ‘funny’ character/symbol is in the .BLW you sent me, although in Notepad it does not show. The quick way, for this file as Art has already said, to remove the ‘funny’ character is to is to double-click each Aero 9 rating and re-type the value.

A way of checking the rating file you are using after doing the above is go to the rating tab on Scoring system and set auto update competitor ratings. Then score the series. If the ‘funny’ symbol comes back it supports Art suggestion that the rating file has been corrupted somehow. I have just done this with the rating file I have and the ratings for the Aero 9 no longer have the ‘funny’ symbol.

Kind regards,

Hi Simon,
If you edit the Ratings of the boats that you can see on the screen. This will prove the issue

The way the ratings work is that if you enter a rating for a specific class then it will use that for other boats in that class
This allows clubs to override and use local ratings


Hi Huw, Jon and Art,

Thank you all. I’ve done as suggested - go to each Aero 9, delete and retype the PY figure and also go to Scoring/Ratings/Update and checked that (I didn’t know that existed).

This has solved the problem - many thanks!