Team sailing-scoring system - file please :-)


im a experienced user of sailwave regarding fleet sailing LYS and on-
desgn races, and combinations.

What i'm new to is to make a scoring system for a team sailng evenue.
Due to my insuffient knowledge of english sailing expression i define
what i mean with team sailing, OK?

We have i.e. 8 teams with 4 sailors in each team.
We start with to groups with 4 teams in each. Each team in each group
races against all teams in same group.
Nr 1 and 2 in each group (group A) sails final race.
Nr 3 and 4 in each group (gropu B) sails bronce finale.

Scoring per race is place nr 1 get 1 point, place 2 get 2 points
etc... total of 36 points. Winner team has less than 18 points

If sombody can support me with a scoring system please send it to