Time on Time. Different factors

We are all set with our A and B factors for standard conditions. If we want to change them for a single race to light air or heavy air factors How do we score the series? Thanks

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To do what you wish requires “Wind indexed ratings” functionality being made visible. This done by selecting “Setup” on the menu bar followed by selecting “User interface” from list of options. In the window that appears check the box alongside “Wind indexed ratings”.

Now the wind indexed rating need to be configured. Open the “Scoring system” by clicking the icon on the tool bar and select the “Ratings tab”. Select the PHRF TOt rating from the left column by clicking the radio button. Now on the right hand side in the upper box “Competitor rating values” click radio button alongside “Use wind indexed ratting values”.

By default the wind speed ranges are as defined by US Sailing but you can label them want you want. For example in your case you might replace what is in the box with “Light,Heavy” without the quotation marks.

In the lower box on the right hand side you can input the default A & B values as you seem to have done already. But to be able to use different values based on wind strength you add them in the “Wind indexed A & B values” boxes. it is a comma separated list with the same number of values as entered in the “Use wind indexed rating values” box. So, using my example of “Light, Heavy” you would have two values separated by a comma (,).

To make use of wind indexed ratings for a race, you edit the race information and select your wind strength from the drop down list in the box alongside “Wind index”. The list will contain the wind strengths you entered previously.

I hope that all makes sense. If not or you want additional clarification then get in touch.
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Thanks for the explanation of how to use multiple factors for ToT scoring, and my apologies for not responding for so long.
We were preparing to use a work around. Now we can do it using SailWave as it’s intended to be used.
Thanks again.

Huw. Are you a regular user of ToT scoring?
I’m with Buffalo Harbor Sailing Club and we’re going to it this year. LAke Ontario uses ToT, but they don’t use multiple sets of factors. They use a B factor that’s refined over time and an A factor to set the scratch boat at 100.
Do you have any insight about multple factors vs a single set?
I see you used B=515 in your example. Why that number? Isn’t 550 considered standard?

Hi Howard,

No I am not a regular user of ToT :frowning:

Multiple factors vs single set is from my knowledge a matter of preference.

The B=515 in my example was the value already in place and I did not change it.

Something you could use to see if there is a difference between single factors vs multiple factors (wind indexed) is to make use of the aliases feature in Sailwave. This would allow you to produce two sets of results but only have to enter finish data once.

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