I'm just surfacing from having done the scoring for the Carrick Fleet during Falmouth Week. I have a couple of suggestions as a result of the experience.
The various fleets have a fixed start time, and we record their finish times, entering them into Sailwave.
It would have been exceptionally useful if Sailwave had offered the last recorded time in the Finish Time field (usually easier to delete a couple of characters than input a complete set);
it would be nice to have a sanity check: i.e. our races are all less than 3 hours long; it would have been handy to set a maximum figure for the race length, so that I would have noticed that pesky mistake which made it look as if someone took over 20 hours!
SW offers a bewildering set of delimiters for time. I'd like to be able to define the format of a time field: e.g. I'd like to be able to say that I will enter time as HHMMSS, or HH:MM:SS or HH.MM.SS, or even as HH{.:;, }MM{.:;, }SS - there is a delimiter in there, including a space, but they are equivalent. again, I'm saying that it is a time, rather than an elapsed time. If you like your elapsed time in seconds, or minutes and decimal part of minutes, this isn't for you, though then your format might be MMMM.SS or similar.
I'd also like to be able to undo. just like in Photoshop, there will be some things you just can't undo, but being able to rollback a few steps could be helpful.

these are very minor points, and overall SW handled things nicely. handling excluded competitors was tedious, but I don't see how to improve on that much. Daily competitors (as opposed to those who stumped up for the whole week) had to be excluded from the series results but included in the day's results. I sorted on daily competitor, and excluded each one manually, hid them, then scored, then of course I had to include them for the dailies. easy to make a mistake under pressure.

for those who might be interested, all the scoring was done aboard the committee boat finishing the races, then sent via dongle to the Falmouth Week website. usually by the time we got ashore the prize giving had taken place and all the food had gone.