Timing to tenths of a second?

My club has embraced Virtual Sailing in our winter break. I am keeping the score. With electronic timing, I can get times in hours, minutes, seconds and tenth of seconds. Am I able to enter the tenths of seconds into Sailwave or only to a whole second?

Hi John,

Great to hear your club doing virtual races. Sorry Sailwave only accepts whole seconds and calculates corrected times to whole seconds as well.

Kind regards,


Portsmouth Yardstick calcs are conventionally only done to the second, and that’s the official position. To be honest anything else is a bit of a nonsense. Whilst you might have the virtual results to that sort of precision, is it really useful?
Of course you could always record results in hours and minutes and then multiply your tenths by 6 to get seconds, but am unconvinced it would be worth it!