Too many files open

I’ve veen bitten twice in the last two weeks because I had two instances of a regatta file open at the same time. Made a correction to one, posted it, then later closed it and didn’t realize I had another version still outstanding.

Can we fix the system so only one data file cane be open at the same time? I don’t see any particular utility in allowing two instances.

BTW, I was shocked to see in the archives that someone had this problem back in 2003! Aren’t we all aging gracefully?!



Hi John,

Sailwave does warn you when you have the same file open, it’s been there a long time - Colin added that

With one file open

With the same file open twice

You get a big RED warning around the Windows Menu item


There are sometimes you want to open the same file twice and even more where you want a different program to be able to access it - so locking it is not feasible
Just look for the Red block and if you see it, be careful

Hope that helps