Tools+Seed competitor field


Some notes about 1.58.

1. Version 1/.58 has a new tool to see a competitor field. It allows you to
choose a field (Fleet, Flight, Club etc) and select a sub-set of competitors
to work on and then seed that field for those competitors in various ways.
One being to work up and down a list of names. The functionaly handles the
method specific in the Oppie Euros SIs. Send message to group to request
extra functionality, it can be extended as necessary.

2. Note that you can now sort on a second column by clicking the second
column heading while holding down the coltrol key. For example to sort by
Nationality and then by sail number within nationality click the nationality
column title and then control-click the sail number column title. To remove
a 2nd column sort, control-click it again. The two sort column titles are
prefixed with 1 and 2.

3. The competitors for starts are defined using an expression. Currently
there is a fairly crude UI into the expression and the expression itself is
read-only, but the UI'll be extended regularly and the expression opened up
for full flexibility. probably move to a RFT text box - a la - MS Outlook

Colin J


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