Transfer Windows Sailwave files to a Macbook Pro

I currently do the results for many Solo events using Sailwave on a windows PC I now wish to purchase a Macbook Pro so I have 2 questions:

  1. how to run Sailwave on Macbook Pro

  2. can I transfer my current files / data from PC to Mac or am I going to have to re-key all the data by hand?

interested in the options


John Steels

Hi John,
Welcome to Sailwave.

Answering Q2 first - yes you can take your current Sailwave.BLW files from a PC to a Mac and there are several ways that can be done: Dropbox, pCloud, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive or old fashioned sneaker net aka memory stick.

Q1 - if your purchase of a MacBook Pro is new and therefore comes with the latest version of MacOS ‘Catalina’ you will need to purchase Crossover for Mac to allow Sailwave to run. There is no native version of Sailwave for Apple Mac systems. Others have successfully run Sailwave using Crossover.

Previous versions of MacOS could run WINE and therefore Sailwave would run, but Apple have removed the 32-bit infrastructure required from ‘Catalina’.

Neither Jon or I have access to Apple Mac systems so our help will be limited.
Kind regards,

For Q1 - see

Q2 - Your files can be copied over as is, and will be compatible.


Further to the previous responses.

In connection with the copying your Sailwave files to the MAC environment, if you follow the official Windows to MAC migration instructions all your PC Data files will be transferred to the MAC, but i have never carried out the procedure myself.

I use Sailwave on a MAC 100% of the time and will be monitoring this forum for related related questions, and if i can i will help.