Trouble Merging Results

We have a racing series that extends over multiple weeks with not all boats participating each week. I need to combine the results of each weeks sailing to the running total to show each boats standing in the series after each weekend throughout the series. I also need to score each weekends sailing as a separate event.
So far I have created two templates: a template for weekend racing and one for the entire series. The only difference is the discard formula (s*.25 v. s*.50). Both templates includes all helms and their sail numbers, the scoring system etc. but no race results.
I have now scored the first weekends racing on its template, but cannot merge the results into the continuing series template. I am using merge option 1. I have the completed weekend template with its results showing on the screen, and I select the series template as the series to merge the results with. I hit the merge icon and I get a message saying the results were successfully merged, but when I open the series template, there is no change. It still just shows all the competitors and sail numbers, but no results. What am I missing?? (I tried changing the discard formula so that they were the same for test purposes, but didn’t make any difference)

First question - You are actioning the Merge in the Series template and not the Weekend template? (You mention you then open the Weekend file its should be the one open)
If so
As a quick check (often gets me in the past) make sure they are not showing as excluded. This happen if competitors already in series are excluded.
Fix - Edit - Mark all sailed competitors as included.
Fyi as you are always merging into the entire series they was no need to put any competitors in that series

Thanks for the reply. I am actioning the merge from the weekend file. I have excluded from the weekend results boats that didn’t sail in the weekend race, but all boats are included in the series template ie no exclusions. Will try again with various exclusion options. Thanks.

You need to action the merge from the Series File :smiley:

Okay thanks, that seems to have worked. I assumed “merge in another Sailwave Series” meant the current series would be merged into the selected series, not the other way around. Might be clearer if it said “Import in another Sailwave Series” so its clear which way the results are moving. Thanks.