Two fleets in one ranking list

I want to show two fleets with results in a ranking list. Two first places in one race should be possible. It should look like this picture:

When I calculate the series, the first places are given 1.5 points, the second 3.5 points, the third 5.5 points, and so on. How can I change this?

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Hi Philip,
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A little more contextbackground would be useful please?

A copy of the Sailwave file would be useful to better understand how you currently have the file set-up.

If they really are two separate Fleets not what should be called Flights, then I think you need the second of the two scoring options when scoring the series. Also if you do this you will not need any scoring exceptions by Fleet.

I look forward to helping you achieve the results you expect.
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Hi Huw
I was able to solve the story myself by working with Flights instead of Fleets. Thanks anyway for the tip.

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