Unable to translate website text


I've recently picked up Sailwave, thanks for a great program.

Is there a way to translate the text produced on the published webpage into a different language?

I'm talking about "Sailed: Discards: To count: " etc. that appears on the web page. Is there a section for this in the locale file? Cause I can't find it.

Thanks in advance, and have a great week-end!


For a little while I've been pondering how best to integrate Sailwave Results into a CMS like Joomla. The gold standard would be to have a Joomla Extension that took the results and then let you do all sorts of stuff like search for competitors... that'd take a fair bit of coding.

Some people are copying the html into an 'article' which of course works. But sailwave has publishing potential which shoudl be much simpler than logging into a CMS and creating articles. *SO* my suggestion is to FTP the result over with Sailwave. BUT Joomla can't just cope with listing that, and although you could just allow directory listign on the ftp folder its hardly clean and integrated into the website. The solutiobn is to create a little menu building service that can look in the sailwave results folder where sailwave FTPd them and then list them. With years of results you'll probably want to list them by year.

So I wrote a tiny piece of PHP top take those results and create a menu... For now its sat on one of my test servers here: php5.chemo.org.uk - its running joomla, but uses NO joomla code to show the results - they are simply wrapping php5.chemo.org.uk/sailwave in an iframe.

It uses a standardised naming convention to do the listing:

YEAR-Results_name.htm is the format of the results page file name, and they are uploaded to ../sailwave/results

if anyone wants the code its freely available from the site at: http://php5.chemo.org.uk/images/files/sailwavemenu-0.1.zip

Code released as GPL v2.0 or later. Critique welcome.

(You don't even need a CMS to make use of this... you could simply wrap an iframe round it in a flat format site too.)