Updated style files for use with the Publish Results V2

On the Sailwave Publish menu, there is an option to publish using Results V2 which auto-scales the images (burgees) at the top of the results. Keith and Malcolm have kindly pointed out there is an issue when using the Southern, Navy Block, Red Head 2, and both the Yachts and Yachting styles.
I’ve amended these so they will work with both the Publish “Results” and “Results V2” they can be download from the Sailwave Website Style library Style library if you download this to the user style library as defined in the Setup - Global options - Folders - My Style Files these will override the standard ones installed. If you use the default location then this is C:\Users\Public\Documents\Sailwave\Styles.
If you notice any issues please let me know and this may be a good time to remind any users if they have any Styles they would like to share with other users please let me know.


Thank you.

In addition, I always modify my Southern style Header1 to to font-size: 1.8em; color:red; and Header2 to font-size: 1.6em; color:blue;

Could this be made standard?

Hi Malcom,

Yes - It’s very easy to make it standard
Download the new Southern.htm from the Sailwave website into the User Styles folder typically C:\Users\Public\Documents\Sailwave\Styles

Then edit this file to have the Header sizes and colours that you want
Then whenever you use Southern you will get the style you have set
You could even call it a different name if you wish.

As it’s you Malcom I’ve done it for you, attached is the file SouthernMO.htm - download this to the folder above and use this style



SouthernMO.htm (1.29 KB)


Thank you - I’ve done that.

I was actually suggesting that the default Southern style could be made like that - or would it cause problems for other users?

Hi Malcom,
The modified version with the support for Results V2 is the new standard version and will be included with all the new full installs. The SouthernMO version is the same with the colours of the headings changed to your colours. If you have it in your Custom styles directory it will stay there even with new installs and it will appear in the Styles selection.