URGENT: To list owner

Here is the Yahoo Knowledge Base (kb) article about the "shutdown" ...


It says that they are shutting down uploaded content, not the Group
discussion lists (for now) - email conversations within groups will
continue (for now). Also, all groups will change from Public to
Private, meaning you will have to go through extra administrative action
to add new members. The content they are going to remove is anything
that was attached to an email, such as blw and excel files, screenshots,
photos, etc.

So, if those attachments are important to retain, there is some urgency
to picking a replacement groups service, otherwise, I wouldn't hastily
switch to groups.io without making sure it's the best replacement. It
wasn't Yahoo suggesting groups.io, that was Alan on a another Yahoo
list. This is the first I've heard of groups.io, and I don't find many
reviews about it. The free package doesn't include adequate
administration tools, so you would want to get the $110/year package,
which includes 10 GB of storage. Regardless of the attachments
retentiont, I do think it wise to find another service for the Sailwave

I administer a LISTSERV run group, but it is hosted and was set up by
someone else, so I don't feel I could recommend it. I administer and
set up several Google Groups and am satisfied with them except for one
annoyance - posters to the list don't receive the message they posted
(if subscribed to All Mail). I think they see their messages if
subscribed to Digests). They can also see their messages if they go to
the Google Groups website to view messages, but I don't normally do
that, I use Thunderbird mail to read all my emails.

All the best, and thanks to those of you providing this service and
having to deal with this change,


Steve Collins
Ocean Springs Yacht Club (Mississippi)