use of sailwave for online entry including online payments - volunteers needed

hi all,

  i want to trial my new website with an event in late sept or

oct/nov - anybody fancy giving it a go?

  there will no charge for the online entry payments.  (there will

be when it’s up and running for real).

  what you get:-

  a mini website for the event, ability for online entry and online

payment (or just online entry if you prefer). i pay you entry
fees by cheque or paypal on closing date of online entry (if you
choose to use online payments). mini website includes ability to
post news, update results, post documents like NORs etc etc. i’ll
give you a sailwave file on the closing entry date set up as per
the entries.

  what i get:-

  somebody using the system as proof of concept.


  i will make sure i'm about for the event days for email/phone


  if you pay me expenses (petrol+b&b) i will go to the event and

support in person.

  please ring me or email me if you are interested.


  07818 061784