User FAQs


Does anybody fancy writing a FAQ or two... topics needed seem to be:-

� Emphasising that the sail-num entry tool is a tool for large series not a
necessity for any series. By far the most email I have is folk saying that
Sailwave doesn't do handicap racing!! Any ideas about making this obvious
in the UI appreciated. While I am going to tweak the entry tool to handle
elapsed times and start/finish times I'm worried that new users will think
they *have* to use these tools... I know I use one-time messages but
clearly they are not always read.

� Setting up and scoring a non-handicap series from scratch.

� As above with fleets (talk about scoring across fleets and scoring fleets
separately etc.

� A discussion about the pros and cons of having multiple fleets in
different/same files and how you can load N series into the Sailwave desktop
if you go down the multiple file route.

� An explanation that everything is scored in the series files except the
rating library and global options; and why. Actually I should tweak the
menus to make that more obvious.

� Setting-up and scoring a handicap race from scratch.

� As above with fleets (all variants - same rat sys, diff rat sys, diff
discard profile, etc etc).

� Using the custom rating facility.

� Using the discard profile; examples.

� Using the PHRF rating system - emphasising the need to log a race time in
the race.

� Using race published start times and published race dates and getting them
into the published results. Showing how these fields can in fact be
anything you want including a race status like 'sailed' and 'abandoned'.

� Recording results using the keyboard - show how quick it can be navigating
the results with the cursor keys, hitting enter to get into the result etc.

� Using a custom points system. Noting the current limitation of lower
points implies a better score.

� Using special prizes.

� Augmenting the published results using HTML in the yellow fields.

� Anything else you think is not-obvious (or may not be obvious to some
users) and needs explaining...

� How to use the rating library and the existence of files on the SUG.

� Why when using Average Lap Time calculations it's necessary to normalise
to the maximum number of laps that any one boat did in the race (as per
Sailwave version 3.1). Also why it's important to stay clear of fractional
elapsed and corrected seconds (Appendix A section 3).

All contributions will be appropriately acknowledged in a User FAQs section.