User rating files template files and style files

After some feedback and to avoid your tweaked template, style and rating
files getting zapped by new installations I plan to create these folders on
the next install (37).

sailwave/templates/my templates

sailwave/templates/styles/my styles

sailwave/ratings/my ratings

Sailwave will write as it likes to sailwave/templates, sailwave/styles and
sailwave/ratings. It will not touch any of the my* folders but will look in
them for templates, styles and rating files. I'll generalise the current
rating library system to be able to merge N files at the same time. This is
an advantage anyway - it means you can have different rating files for each
rat sys. Duplicates can be filtered out etc - perhaps on an optional date
field basis. This will be the last functional change (honest) to 37 but I
think it's necessary.

The next install will move your rating.txt into sailwave/ratings/my ratings
but I'd save it now just to make sure... It will unconditionally zap
sailwave/templates and sailwave/templates/styles.

As previously mentioned there will also be sailwave/ratsys and
sailwave/ratsys/my ratsys soonishkindasorta.



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