v1.50 uploaded + word/excel


v1.50 has been uploaded. The only change is the addition of a Team 15
team-ranking table plug-in.

PS: by far the biggest complaint I get (well, apart from no help file) is
the fact that I removed the dedicated publish-to-word/excel capability.
The reason I removed these is because not everybody uses word/excel, and so
it was generalised to a publish-to-this-program capability; same
functionality but a little more difficult to use. However given the
quantity of feedback, I'll put the original hard-wired features back by they
appear on a different tab called publish to a specific program of something;
may well be user-extensible and/or may well not appear if word/excel are not
installed. I'll do this for 1.51.

Please note however that Sailwave knows *nothing* about Excel/Word - it just
creates a HTML file and opens it with Word/Excel; a better solution is to
work on the style sheets to get Sailwave to product exactly what is needed
to edit. If you are finding you have to edit in Excel/Word (or by hand
etc), please send an email to the group pointing at an example on the web so
we can try and minimise this; I suspect much of it can be done by editing
the templates/style sheets.

NB: I am gradually getting through my Inbox after a busy period of real
work, but some 140 emails are still outstanding; apologies for the delay (as
usual) if you are waiting for a reply.

Colin J

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