v1.58 trial


a pre-release copy of version 1.58 is available here:-



* Show full path file names in the quick open menu options.
* Fix cursor in history window.
* Clear all auto DNC results before scoring (and saving), so that Sailwave
puts them back accordingly for scoring across fleets and by fleet. If the
user has entered DNC by hand, leave it alone.
* Fix File+Save as problems when there is a period character (.) in the
* Try an experiment to try and stop the rating file problem with windows 98.
* Allow new race to be created in sail number wizard.
* Add warning of duplicated sail numbers in Edit+Race Starts tab.
* Add indiction of duplicated sail numbers in the sail number wizard. Take
into account starts and the IgnoreAlpha checkbox.
* Fixed this at the expense of the 'looks like a code' stuff updating on
every keystroke: "When entering results using the Sail Number wizard and the
result is not a finish time or position using the down arrow in the field
reveals a list of other result codes, for example - DNF, DSQ. However one
cannot continue to use the cursor key to scroll down to the required value,
one has to use the mouse, which slows down the entry process."
* Add view option for flight.
* Add a view option for start time.
* Fix new lines not being saved in notes.

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