v38b2 uploaded as below.

Add elapsed/corrected percentage columns for handicap races. Winner is 100%,
other > 100'%'.

Add an average speed column when publishing if appropriate.

Add a statistics tab to the Edit+Result window showing corrected time as a
percentage, elapsed time as a percentage and average speed.

Don't allow laps to be used if race distances are defined - they logically
conflict with each other.

Compute average speed if race distances and elapsed times are used.

Allow race distances and fleet race distances to include units. e.g. 10nm or
10.5nm or 10.5 nm.

(Beta 1 below here)

Tweak rating estimator to used the algorithm from RYA YR2 but generalise to
work with any rating system.

Add viewing options to show elapsed times or corrected times as percentages
of the best time. Remember that the viewing option is honoured when
publishing results.

Fix PHRF rating system being rejected by the scoring algorithm; there a joke
here somewhere...

Change the font test in the error message box from 10pt to 8pt.

Fix a bug with the HTML generated by a null discarded cell.

Add another viewing option "race specific ratings" so you can see easily
where your overrides are. Figure in brackets are because a previous override
has the 'propagate' check box ticked.

Fix bug in rating estimator. Note that your series must be scored with v37
or later before using the rating estimator; the estimates will be garbage

Improve establishing file paths and names when a user template not
containing a standard wizard is published.

Improve establishing file paths when none have been specified; e.g. when a
new series is created.

Reinstantiate the rating estimator and add a FAQ for it.

Add a check box on an overridden rating so that it stays active until the
next one or the end of the series.

Fix edit menu.

Add race date to the sail number wizard.

Allow property bar to be hidden.

Fix problem with prop bar sticking at very small size.

Allow the elapsed time for a race to be defined as the sum of the elapsed
times of N other races.

Don't publish a laps column if it's not used.

Add a 'always discard this race' tick box in the race detail. This is useful
in itself but is needed in preparation for combining N elapsed times into 1.


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