version 1.42 released

Version 1.42 uploaded with much better CSV import wizard (cannot do
start/finish times yet but can do elapsed/positions/codes) and new scoring
code for fixed point penalty, plus lots of other stuff as below:-


Add another code method "Fixed Points Penalty" - this code can be used to
bump up scored points by N.

Formalise the concept of a penalty/redress code (RDG/SCP/ZFP).

Rearrange import menus

Fix problem of corrected time being forced to 0 when rating is 0 for custom

Turn off fixed fields when scrolling series left/right.

Extend import from CSV file to include series results as codes, positions or
elapsed times. Start/finish times TBD.

Remove yellow fields.

Tweak template footers.

Assume nautical miles (nm) if no units specified in race distances.

Change average speed calculation to be per hour, not per second.

Add ability to skip arbitrary races in the Volvo Prize plug-in.

Fix the focus being stolen from the browser when publishing etc.

Add some of the example files to the history pick list on initial

Fix Sailwave not defaulting to the examples folder for File+Open after an
initial install.

Add ISAF publishing style.

Dump progress window in favour of spinning the cursor.

Add option in EditCompetitor to load the next competitor on OK/Cancel.

Add Sailnum Wizard to toolbar.

Add a Volvo Prize entry to the FAQ.

Fix HTML when generating a prize table.

Fix annoying beep!

Add Volvo prize plug-in for ISAF/Volvo Youth Worlds.

Fix hide-sailed-races when fleets have diff num of races sailed.

Move 'sailed' checkbox in Edit+Race and tweak it's name to be more specific.


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