Version 1.90 is released.

1.90 is ajust a bit of a tidy up. Despite my grand ideas I do not have time
to create a 1.57 retro look so I'm just going to go public with what we have
and prepare myself for the feedback. At least It'll be obvious what bits of
the help file need filling in :slight_smile: I'll probably just post all builds
publicly now so that the builds do not get so separated again. The
reference section of the help file contains some useful info now but there
is little in the way of wordy help. All the old FAQs were out of date - few
of them made the HowDoI section of the help file and the tech notes have
become topics in the developer section of the help file. All the Sailwave
help is now in one place - the help file - the web site just links to it -
but it's also included in the installation. It'll be available in other
formats soon. Please let me know of typos and hard to understand stuff in
the help file via the SUG. Feel a bit tider now - one releaes and one help
file - just got to evolve them both...

F1 to see the help file form Sailwave. F2 shows tooltips for current



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