Version 1.93 build 3 problem (i think or its me)

I have a problem when scoring a series. I am scoring a 2 fleet phrf
series, that also does a combined series total. We have had 2 races
thus far and when i finish entering the times, i score the race
(either by fleet or All in one group) and the points/positions seem to
be mixed up. Race one (Fleet 1 flying Sails) scores like this .75, 2,
3,5,4,6,7,8 Race two the same fleet scores like this .75, 2, 4, 3,
5,6,etc. The second fleet in both races also have their order mixed
up, but in a different pattern. I am not sure if it is something i am
doing or not, but I was using a previous version and never had this
trouble. I could email screen shots and published results if anyone
would like to help me with this. Thanks in advance.