Version 2.24.0 released


Version 2.24.0 is a relatively small but important update on 2.23.4

Changes since the previous release (2.23.4) includes the following:-

  • Support for Percentage penalty to be added based on DNF score (as well as the previous method based on number of boats in the series) This was changed in RRS 2017-2020.
    If you are using SCP and or ZFP in your results you should change the scoring codes to use the new DNF based calculations if you are scoring to RRS2017-2020. In most calculations it doesn’t make any difference but there are some where it makes 1 point difference due to the rounding.
  • Support for PRP (Post Race Penalty – Arbitration) as used by Techno293 Fleet
    “The race score for a board that takes a Post-Race Penalty shall be the score she would have
    received without that penalty made worse by 30% of the score for DNF, rounded to the nearest
    whole number (0.5 rounded upwards), but not more than half of the difference between the
    board’s score before applying the penalty and the score for DNF.”
  • Updated the plug-in interface to World Sailing for reporting results directly to World Sailing (ISAF)
  • Corrected Black flag rule to reference 30.4 instead of 30.3