Version 2.29.0

Originally published at: Version 2.29.0 | Sailwave

This is an exciting upgrade for those publishing to their own websites. This new version now includes a fully integrated support for SFTP, SSH, and FTPS in addition to a new FTP uploader for uploading published results directly to your website. This was previously only possible if your website or service supported FTP but many…


Hi Jon,

I tried to install 2.29.0 on two computers and both of them gave me a missing DLL error message.


They are both Windows 10 64 bit systems.


Hi Peter,

Thanks - I think it was the download link- the download was for the previous beta version not the new one although the text it was displaying was correct
Should be fine now
Try a download again


Hi Jon,

I tried again and it works fine now. Thanks for adding the new website transfer options.