Version 2.33.0 is available to download

Version 2.33.0 is now available to download from the Sailwave Site
See Download Beta versions
A few people have tried it and there are no reported issues as yet.

The Main changes are:-

  • Support for sending results to Irish Sailing Live. Results can be viewed here see the option from the Plugin Menu
  • Support for sending competitors to for use with the Jury system available from the Plugin Menu
  • Remove unused Send to Sailracer from the Plugin Menu
  • Editing event name now changes event ID but prompts to allow this to be overridden
  • Flag links now are https links so that the file uses https for everything
  • World Sailing links are now https links also
  • Website links now remove the http: or https: and https is added by the footer (footer.txt has been updated ) please modify any custom footers you are using.
  • Hotkey for the Plugins Menu changed to L as the P was clashing with Publish
  • updated effects included with install