website - update (venues)

I’ve added a burgee URL field to the venues database record. If you
have entered your club into the venues database, can you add the
burgee URL. The burgee is shown when somebody posts a quick link to
the news feed and Sailwave figures out it’s associated with your
club (either from the URL or the content). Ditto when posting news
items to the news feed.

It's also useful to fill in the twitter field if you have a twitter

account. When the newsfeed gets published as RSS and tweets, your
club gets a twitter mention if you’ve set up the field.


Newsfeed RSS:-

Newsfeed tweets:-
PS: I have a google alert set up for “sailwave results” and have
been posting links to the news feed as examples for a few days as
the alerts pop up. I’ve created some venues in the process. Let me
know if you would like to take control of any of the venue entries
that I’ve created. You’ll see the owner as Sailwave - a blue sail
avatar. This list in fact:-
PPS: I have extended the ISAF MNA codes to include WAL, ENG and
SCO. These are not official but useful for UK events. Let m eknow
if there are others like this anywhere and you would like one added.


Colin J

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