Wind Indexed Ratings

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A couple of things.
Does anyone have a rating file containing US Sailing wind indexed data for 2020. I have downloaded a PDF of values from US Sailing but it is dated 2017?

The second thing is that I have had a conversation with a UK user of Sailwave who asked the question “How do I dual score using default RYA PY rating values and wind indexed values?” This is a first for me but not a surprise now it has been asked; well bit of a surprise because I was not aware of anyone using or considering using wind indexed ratings here in the UK.

I have one way in mind that may be achieve this but it does not allow one to score using both in one go using aliases. Perhaps Jon you have something to enlighten me; if not then what would be ideal in my simplistic terms is a new rating option ‘PY using wind indexed values’.

Aside from the how to achieve the request is the one of generating a Wind Indexed rating file using RYA PY ratings. This is a whole new level of debate and generation of appropriate values. Is any one in UK using one?

The RYA PYS on-line system could in theory, in my view, generate values as long as the clubs submitting the data included wind speed data. Sailwave can have this data entered as part of the race data and it is required, if using wind indexed ratings, to select the appropriate rating.

Looking forward to your responses and any data you might have.
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Hi SUG Members,
I have done some investigation and learnt something new. I now see how one can score a series using aliases using standard / default rating value and a wind indexed rating value. I will write up once of I have worked my way through the process.

I will also update the User Guide & Reference Manual.

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The basic steps if anyone else wants to have a go before I get documentation done are:

Create a rating file that includes wind indexed ratings
Select in Set up | User interface aliases and wind indexed ratings
Enter names for the wind ranges in box on Ratings tab of Series Scoring
Select the default ratings radio button
Create aliases for all your competitors and tag them with a new fleet name, for example “Wind Indexed Ratings” and tag the original competitors with a fleet name of say “Default ratings”
On the Fleets tab of Scoring system set up a scoring exception for the “Wind Indexed Rating” fleet on the Ratings tab for the ratings to be used by unchecking the inherit box and selecting the Wind Indexed radio button
Create two starts under edit race: one for the fleet “Default Ratings” selecting the competitors in this fleet and one for the fleet “Wind Indexed Ratings” selecting the competitors for this fleet and whilst editing this start select from the drop down list which of the wind ranges is most appropriate for this race
Enter finish sheet data using Sail Number Wizard, it only has to be entered once for each boat as Sailwave will copy finish data to the aliased competitors
Score series using second scoring option, i.e. score by fleet

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I understand that the US are considering moving to using PYonline. The current US system seems more or less moribund, so I don’t know if you’ll get anything new this year. I’ve gained the impression it was very dependant on a single key individual.

Now as far as wind indexed ratings - or tide, or water type, all of which are arguably equally important, the big problem is data. There are 68 classes in the current main dinghy list. By and large it seems to take 200 races to get a published number. Lets say you have three wind ratings, and all of them get at least 25% of the results. Bit optimistic maybe. So lets say to publish wind indexed ratings you’d need 800 races. That brings the published list down to 34 classes. If you decided to split out water type or tide/current as well it would soon get to the situation where there would only be published numbers for half a dozen classes…

Jim C

Hi Jim,

Interesting information on possibility of US Sailing moving to using PYonline. It would be good if RYA & US Sailing agree on how the system runs rather than each going their own way.

Regarding your comments on wind indexed ratings, tidal and /or water type I fully agree. If more MNA’s used PYonline a bigger pool of results across different wind speeds, water type and tides would be available.

But at the end of the day it is down to those who enter finish and race data to enter the information accurately and consistently. I understand there are discussions on at least standardising class information, so that scoring systems can easily all reference the same class and it’s configuration, which is especially important for classes that can be and are sailed in multiple configurations like the Mirror for example.

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