Windows 10s and Sailwave

I recently purchased a new laptop running windows 10 Secure (W10s). This ultra secure version of windows 10 only appears to allow installation of software programs acquired through the Microsoft Store.

(1) is there any intent to distribute on the MS store?
(2) if the answer to (1) above is “no” then is there a work-around?

Hi Peter,

Most laptops that run Windows 10s can be converted to a proper Windows 10 free of charge.

What model is it?



Hi Peter,

You might like to read this article,it’s%20a%20one%2Dway%20street.&text=Microsoft’s%20Surface%20Laptop%20Go%2C%20which,10%20in%20S%20Mode%20installed.


Thanks Jon. I do understand the 10s direction, I just haven’t been able to commit to 10. It turns out ms does provide good customer support for their 10s customer base that I just haven’t been able to give up yet.

If there’s no way to run Sailwave by regatta season I’ll make the switch.

Thanks again.