Wizard stumbles on alpha chars

Just loaded the new version. Thanks very much! Very smooth FTP. Also corrected a problem or two with HighlightWins3. Works fine now.

Having a problem with the Sail Number Wizard. Some of todays boats like to travel with country codes on their sails and on their registration. Very nice, except that the wizard seems to have forgotten how to ignore the alpha characters. Whether the box is ticked or not, it demands the leading C or K or U for the lookup. Can’t remember whether this is an old problem or not–pretty sure I would have reacted if it were.

Anyone else seeing this?



Hi John,
I have just looked at the file you sent me and I can replicate what you are seeing WHEN I have match last x digits ticked. But if I switch that off I can enter letters and I get a list of sail numbers matching what I have typed so far.

This is why I always have country codes in the Nat field and not included in the SailNo field. There is a neat little trick that can be used if country code and sailno are wanted to be displayed as one when they are in separate Sailwave fields. By having the country code in the Nat field you can display country flags :slight_smile: Although I notice in the file you sent me some owners are still using a very old country code sting, KC!

Edit the SailNo field and select the Format tab then insert in box Nat-*, that is back tick `. If you have country codes in the Nat field and publish SailNo you will get for example

As I said at the beginning The solution to your problem is just to remove the check box for last N digits in the Sail Number Wizard.

Have a great event.
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Hi SUG members,
John replied to my email saying things still did not work. Apologies to John for not spotting the following before I replied to his post and email.

After more investigation, the file given to John, had been set-up using the AltSailNo field for the SailNo and renamed to SailNo, this was not spotted during first look at the file.

There two options to make Sail Number Wizard work when something like this happens:

  1. use Tools | Set competitor field to copy data from AltSailNo to SailNo and then to clear data in AltSailno and use usual/default field of SailNo

  2. change field used to enter from usual/default of SailNo to AltSailNo and check ‘Ignore alphabetic characters…’ box and make sure ‘Match last N chars only’ is not checked.

Kind regards,