Compute points for national ranking list

to create the ranking list in every boat’s class association in Germany we have to compute points according to actual rank at the end of high level regatta series which are added then to the account of each sailor.
The points are computed for each boat with her final result with a formula which contains personal rank, max. number of boats who reached Finish at least one time and a factor which is defined for the regatta. High factor is important regatta (e.g. 1.4 for German championship, 1.0 normal regatta).
Where can I define that factor and how can I compute the values?

Hi Andrea
Could you give me more details of what you need and where you want that value displayed or sent to



Hi Jon,
we publish the points with the final result. A regatta with 5 boats, 2 races could look like that
and is forwarded to the class associations for their yearly ranking list which is base for e.g. qualification for championships (German championship, world Championship, …).
The formula for these points is RLP = RLF * 100 * ((fb + 1 - pl) / fb).
RLF = the factor of the regatta (here 1.15)
fb = the max. number of boats which reached Finish at least one time in a race (here 5),
pl = Personal Rank

Hi Andrea,

That seems very special, I’ve never heard of anyone using / requesting this before. You mention World championships and class associations but I’ve never heard of this. Is it only in Germany?

It could be done but it’s not something that has been requested before. It could be done either by a small utility to manipulate the .blw file or you could have a utility that integrates directly with Sailwave using the Messaging. Both of which would require some development work

Who is it that would use this?



Hi, in Germany it is standard. Every scoring software has and needs this function.

The points are used to create the national ranking list of each class association. It is the weighting coefficient to classify each regatta which is used for this ranking list. E.g. qualifying regattas have a high coefficient, e.g. 1.2 or 1.3, German Championship has 1.4 etc…

2021-08-20 10_16_57-8061268181.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (32-bit)2

The picture shows the header of the final result of a regatta at my sailing club which was published at the end in the internet.

The concept is that the winner gets 100*RLF points, the other which reached at least one time Finish a proportionate value. In this example we had RLF=1.15, 18 registered boats, 17 reached Finish:
1st get 115 points
2nd gets 16/17 = 108,24 points
3rd gets 15/17 = 101,47 points

17th gets 1/17 = 3,77 points
18th (only DNF) 0 points


Hi Andrea,
So as I understand it makes no difference to the regatta results but does to what is used by the class association and any governing body. Please correct me if I’m wrong. Are there any published details and how is it sent to them?
Look forward to hearing from you


Yes, correct.

We publish the result here Raceoffice Korsarpreis 2021 Ergebnisse

and the PDF is sent to the class association.

You can find the ranking list at the class association here:
Korsar Ranking list

At rank 22 you can find one of the competitors at our regatta. At rank 32 the winner - if you click “<9 Läufe” (you need 9 races to be visible in the ranking list, the number of races in every regatta is also used to the result in the ranking list).

We is in this case my sailing club, others publish it on their homepage and use the result directly from scoring program.

Hi Andrea, As this is (as I understand) nothing to do with scoring the regatta but is to do with reporting to the German Sailing Association.
It would need something similar to the World Sailing Reporting - Plugin that is included with Sailwave. Have you seen how this works There is a video there as well
If you are a programmer you could write something like this yourself but it’s not a two-minute job, or you can take the results into Excel and do something that way

If you would like me to write it then I would need it documented and either proof that it will be very widely used or a contribution to the cost of writing it.


Hi Jon, in general it is something to report to the different class associations and to the sailors, not to the German Sailing Association. The sailors want and are used to get the RLPs on the final result list which can be downloaded after the regatta at the different internet sites (raceoffice, homepages of the sailing clubs, other sailing info sites, …).

We usually don’t send the result online to the class associations, we publish it for the sailors and the local chairman who sends it to the class association (each federal state has its own chairman).

You can find the rules here: Ordnungsvorschriften Regattasegeln, pages 17-26. These are the rules of German Sailing Association for championships and “Ranglistenregatten” (regattas which are used to create the ranking list of the class associations) and therfore only in German.

According to these rules the points are not mandatory in the final result list, but the class association needs it and all scoring programs in Germany publish it on the final result. I think the class associations can compute the points but I think they use it from the result list.

I will check the video and maybe I could use it - I developed software for 16 years - but That is not what the sailors expect at every regatta.

I have in Seoptemrn a small regatta with - hopefully - 10 or a bit more boats . For that I compute the points in Excel and reuse one of the other unused columns for the result (after the regatta I type the values in). But that is not possible for a regatta with more boats (e.g. the last regatta in September at my sailing club - probably 70-100 boats, we have a scoring software but it is very old - based on MS-DOS - and we search a new one).

Is there maybe something to implement (for me) for the final result list published in Competitor.htm?

Andrea (672.8 KB)
Hi Andrea, - Hopefully I’ve attached a translation of the document in English. Could you confirm it is a sensible translation as it was machine translated. As I’m afraid my German is not existant. A little bit of French I can understand but German nothing sorry. It would be possible to write a small program that would connect to an open Sailwave program - this would read the results from Sailwave do the calculation and write the RLP back into a spare field within the competitor you could then publish it as you wish. You would then have the source and could maintain this if they change the rules. The program can be in any language of your choice as long as it can send and receive Windows Data messages. A couple of users have done this sort of thing, one used Microsoft Visual Basic and another used Python. The WS(ISAF) interface and the NHC personal handicap also use this and are written in PowerBasic 10. What language do you have a preference for?

Hi Jon, the transation is very good. I added some remarks at some positions when the tranlator destroyed the format or missed a bit or translated wrong. I wanted to upload the file but I got the message that “new users can’t upload files” :frowning:
Hmmm, you can find it now here :slight_smile: :
The described solution sounds good. The language I prefer - good question - I only know Microsoft Visual Basic, but I think I could learn the other too.