Ftp problem with v2.29

Have 2 PC’S 2.28 on one uploads results fine, updated 2nd machine to 2.29, ftp settings the same (didnt change from when v2.28), but now get the message file name too long or contains invalid character. I use ftp not sftp. Any ideas?

Problem solved I had overlooked that with v2.29 I only need / for base url when using full path/filename for the results file. Maybe save someone else making the same mistake

Hi John,

That is your problem you will need to change the setting for 2.29

You need to read the instructions for the FTP on 2.29.0 please see the Sailwave website

This is mentioned in the Download section for 2.29.0

Basically in 2.28.0 the BaseURL wasn’t implemented/working in 2.29 it is/does

If you want it to work exactly the same as 2.28 you need to put ./ in the BaseURL

Note that it is dot and a slash some people have missed the dot

If you still have a problem please let me know



Hi John,
Great - thanks for getting back. The FTP upload is a full rewrite in 2.29 together with a third party dll ( which cost me $400) to support the SFTP, SSH and FTPS and the FTP now uses this dll for the Standard FTP as well
The BaseURL works correctly in 2.29 so if you want it to work exactly the same as earlier versions then put ./ in the BaseURL box.
If your results are always in a subfolder e.g uploads/results then if you put this in the Base URL then you no longer need to type it in front of each of the results file names



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