JSON Output Bug?

I know there is probably a miniscule number of users who might be interested in this, but is there a chance that JSON output might get fixed?

Right now, JSON output is invalid. I was able to manually fix it by doing two things:

  1. Add “},” after each scoring code definition
  2. Eliminate one of the “racestart” keys in each race (There are duplicate key names.

Doing that, JSON validators like the code, and I can even bring the entire JSON file into a Python file directly and it quite happily treats it as a dict object.

I’m hoping to do more with JSON output from Sailwave, but I don’t want to start on this if I know I’m going to have to fix all JSON output before it goes into the program.

It’s not urgent. Perhaps in the next release?

Hi Andy,
I am sure Jon will sort this out when he has a moment or two.

I am interested in knowing what sort of things you have in mind.
Kind regards,

At the moment, I’m taking a Python course - trying to move from C++ for development of devices for my boat. I had also developed a hand-held countdown timer for race starts using C++, which I had been using until I discovered the excellent DSRC app for Android.

I had done JSON downloads from Sailwave in the past, but discovered then that it didn’t appear that the resulting output was valid JSON, so I just dropped it. Now that I’m discovering what Python can do, my interest in working with Sailwave data has been renewed.

So, I guess the answer right now is that I don’t have specific things in mind, but the idea of working (nearly) directly on a Sailwave data file is an appealing prospect. Things like creating formatted output, inputting data to as database, or even loading a Sailwave JSON file on a handheld device seem quite appealing.

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Hi Andy,
Nice. I hope Jon can fix JSON output for you soon’ish.
Kind regards,

Hi Andy,

I’ve done some work on the JSON output and it validates against RFC-8259
on the test file I was using - I’ve not done extensive testing but looks OK. There were quite a lot of trailing commas which I’ve removed. You can download the exe only from
Replace the Sailwave.exe file with this file (You need to have install 2.29.0 or later from the full installer). Note it now creates a .json file as opposed to a .txt file and doesn’t display the file after creating it.
I’ve also made it ignore excluded competitors in the JSON output if the excluded competitors are hidden
If excluded competitors are not hidden then they are included in the JSON file.
It also includes the changes in 2.29.1/2/3/4
Let me know how you get on

Absolutely perfect, Jon! Thanks so much.

I hope to wow you with some great apps in the future!

(If I ever finish this damn Python course!)

Thanks again,


The dropbox link above doesn’t work for me, and the latest release on the website is 2.29.0 from March 2021.

Can you make a new release with working JSON output available please?

Hi. Please use the 2.29.6. Available from


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I could download the file, but it would not save it as sailwave.exe. I copied the downloaded file to my sailwave folder and changed it there to sailwave.exe (renamed the old sailwave.exe).