Medal Race and Final Race

Hi, i am running a Medal race for the Top 10 and a Final race for the remaining sailors outside of Top 10. May i know if the system will be able to support the scoring and how do i do it?

Hi Singapore Sailing,

Yes Sailwave can score the Top 10 in a Medal race and the rest in a Series race.

The ‘How to do’ depends on what has been written in SI’s, without that information it is difficult to guide you further.

When is your event?

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Hi Clarence, it will help if you attach the Sailwave file *.BLW and your documents.


Hi Clarence

I answered this question this morning for Kenny and you who email me directly
Did you receive it?
And also a previous one yesterday

Enable Medal race in the Setup

You then can configure the medal race

Before you enter the results for the medal race score the series
Set up the starts as necessary see sample

Do non-medalists also get double points
In my example file attached, they don’t

Do you score the final non-medalists from 1 or from 11
You can change Sailwave in many ways to score as you require but you don’t give me enough information.

But play around with the attached file - I also added the Medalist column

I’ve already emailed the file to you

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