Medal Race and Final Race

Hi, i am running a Medal race for the Top 10 and a Final race for the remaining sailors outside of Top 10. May i know if the system will be able to support the scoring and how do i do it?

Hi Singapore Sailing,

Yes Sailwave can score the Top 10 in a Medal race and the rest in a Series race.

The ‘How to do’ depends on what has been written in SI’s, without that information it is difficult to guide you further.

When is your event?

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Hi Clarence, it will help if you attach the Sailwave file *.BLW and your documents.


Hi Clarence

I answered this question this morning for Kenny and you who email me directly
Did you receive it?
And also a previous one yesterday

Enable Medal race in the Setup

You then can configure the medal race

Before you enter the results for the medal race score the series
Set up the starts as necessary see sample

Do non-medalists also get double points
In my example file attached, they don’t

Do you score the final non-medalists from 1 or from 11
You can change Sailwave in many ways to score as you require but you don’t give me enough information.

But play around with the attached file - I also added the Medalist column

I’ve already emailed the file to you

Jon Eskdale

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Good morning, I need to know what happens with the scores from 11 and over of the competitors for the Medal Race? because it appears with DNC with points and usually the sailing instructions say that they do not modify positions from 11 onwards. Only the first ten competitors will run the medal race.
It would be of great help because I am using sailwave for the first time and I need to know how to configure it so that competitors from 11 onwards do not have points.
Thank you very much for any help you can provide.
Sorry, but my English is not very fluent and I used a translator

If the other competitors are not sailing you can create a scoring code I tend to use “-” with a value of 0 points and allocate this to the other competitors in the same fleet that didn’t sail.


Then you get something like this


Just make sure it doesn’t affect your discards which you may need to adjust

Good afternoon! Thank you very much for answering the question.
I work at the Yacht Club Argentino and at the beginning of 2024, we will be the organizers of the ILCA World Cup in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
I am testing the Sailwave because it is mentioned by World Sailing.
This last weekend I was using the Sailwave and I thought it was fantastic.
We still have a long way to go before the World Cup but I’m trying to get to know the tool completely.
I will try the option you offer me.
Thanks again!

Hi, I did a test with ten competitors and I did a medal race for the first five competitors.
Use the options I was given but he was running sixth overall, he was sitting next to the top five overall. That’s not the result I expected to have.

Is there any other alternative? Can it be maintained from sixth place without modifying the general table?
I am using the text with the google translator, know how to apologize!
greetings and thanks.

Here are the link to three Sailwave file that do I believe exactly what you want:

Please note that the files were from an actual ILCA championship, but I did a mockup of the results by adding the medal race.


Thanks Peter for the files, I just downloaded them to try!
I will do all possible tests to be well trained in the use of the program and the medal race.
If I have any further questions, I will.

2022 ILCA 6 Youth World Championships final with only the medal race.blw I am new to sailwave, I think I understand that this is the option that is closest to what I need, is it?

Thanks for everything!!

I just checked the Notice of Race and there will be a Medal race and a race for all the other boats. I think that the 2022 ILCA 6 Youth World Championships final with medal race with extra race is what you need. Keep in mind that Jon or others might have a better way to accomplish what you are looking for.

Thank you very much Peter for all the information and answering my queries.
I will do different tests with fake competitors to be able to test the option with extra race!!
I will keep trying. Thank you

Good afternoon! I did tests in the last few weeks and I can’t do medal race plus last race. As reported in the Notice of Race
They sent me an example where I can’t do the scoring when I load the test regatta.
I will be a scorer in the World Cup and I want to be sure to do it. I hope you can help me.
I have a test file that I am handling and I can’t configure it well for this event

The file “2022 ILCA 6 Youth World Championships final with medal race with extra race” that I posted on June 1st shows you how to do this. The medal race and the last race are displayed in two races, but this doesn’t make a difference in net points and rankings.

Since I am helping with the scoring in Adelaide in January, I am interested to hear from the class if the 1st non medal race boat should get 1 or 11 points. It’s not clear from the Notice of Race and you might have to ask Andrus. My example has 11 points which is normally the standard.

Sorry for the English, I’m helping with Google Translate.
I will ask if it is 1 or 11 points for non-medalists.
Thank you and I will surely bother you again for some topic

Hi Peter,

Let me know if you need anything special and I’ll see what I can do for you


I did talk to Andrus and few weeks ago and we agreed that because you are 4 hours ahead of my time and if needed I’ll be able to help remotely.

I suggest that we take this offline . My email address is:


Thanks Jon.

There is just one drop which makes it a bit easier. The issue with including the non medal sailors in the same race as the medal racers is that the Sailwave medal race setting apply to all fleets (Gold, Silver and Bronze) instead of just the Gold fleet.

As you can see in this example, the medal race settings are applied to all fleets Dropbox - 2022 ILCA 6 Youth World Championships final with single medal race.blw - Simplify your life

You might have a better way to do this. Keep in mind that at the end of the regatta the ILCA class wants to have the ranking from 1 to the number of boats.


Thank you very much for the explanation, in the next few days we will continue with this topic by mail to keep everything clear for the ILCA 2024 World Cup.
my mail (Yacht Club Argentino)

Hi Peter,
I had a look at this today for you. I think you will find you can do this (Medalists only for the fleet of your choice) already.
There is a column within Sailwave named Medalist which you can turn on to view with the Columns button (right at the bottom). Prior to Running the medal race this will get updated to show the Medalist and will change with results once you enter the results for the medal race these will not change so you can simply change the Medalist to blank for any fleets that don’t have medalists e.g. silver and bronze - this is very quick to do just copy a blank one and paste (Ctrl-V) over the Yes of Silver and Bronze Medalists and rescore and that’s it.
Please let me know if there is anything else you would like me to do to make it easier for your event.