XML to FTP export

Dear all,
I’m migrating to Sailwave from ZW and I’m writing a plugin to publish score on my wordpress website.

I would use the XML output as source for my PHP script that relies on WordPress table method and pagination.
Is any function to output the XML directly to an FTP or send the scoring using an API?

I saw some built-in export, is possible to configure a personalized output that push the XML file to an FTP or something else like send it to an url using post method?
I’ve read that in past someone tried to use the html output, but I think is stupid use it when there is a well-structured XML file.

As I am a race officer I can’t make the rankings during a regatta in my club and the secretary isn’t very technology so I have to make a just-one-click solution.

Obviously I will release the plugin free and open source.

Hi Brambil,
Welcome to Sailwave.
Is it

  • Menu - File - save as XML File, that you are wanting to use or
  • Menu - Plugins send results as XML

If it is the first one there is also a save as JSON file which is more compact as it doesn’t contain any redundant fields (Make sure you use 2.29.6 or later available from this forum)
These files are basically the same as the .blw (CSV files) but in XML or JSON format
All the info is here but it is a bit more difficult to understand

The second is really the formated output that goes into the html file
This was written for sailing.today who only did one-design racing. I could expand it to cover handicap racing but there has never been a request for this - Although from what you are wanting to do I think may be the best solution

Here you can save it to a file or you can click the send button
The Send button actually calls a separate program SendXML.exe so you could replace this with a program of your own and this could then automatically FTP or whatever method you choose to upload the file.

You might like to look at this post on here

Let me know how you would like to proceed